Why Grass Fed Beef?

Why is grass-fed beef so important? It has more to do with the quality and taste of the beef. By purchasing grass-fed beef products from Raise America, you are supporting the United States of America. Here’s why.


Let’s go back in time. In the early 1800s, Bison roamed the plains of America and the ecosystem flourished. Grass was green and tall, rivers flowed throughout the lands and animals had plenty of food to eat. Flash forward to current America, and we are witnessing desertification spread throughout the plains of America. The removal of the roaming herds has had a devastating toll. This is where grass-fed beef comes into play.

Grazing cattle effectively fills the gap in the grassland ecosystem that the herds of bison have left behind, and this has been proven. The introduction of grazing results in nutrient rich soil, reduced erosion, healthy grass and much more.

View the results here: https://www.ncba.org/newsreleases1.aspx?newsid=7011


The health benefits of Raise America grass-finished beef are:

    • Lean beef
    • High omega-3 fatty acid content
    • Gluten-free
    • No added hormones
    • No added antibiotics
    • No added GMOs

Why should I care about added antibiotics? Scientists and medical professionals are witnessing a growth in antibiotic resistant bacteria in American beef products. This is due to early introduction of antibiotics and allowing the bacteria an environment to adapt and become increasingly resilient.

What does this mean if I need medical treatment antibiotic resistant bacteria? It leads to medical professionals introducing treatment methods that can cause permanent damage on your body.


Beef being a “Product of America” is not what it used to be. As long as beef is further processed and packaged within the United States, the product can be labeled as a Product of America. This means there is no need to disclose where the cattle was originally born and raised.

With Raise America grass-fed beef, all cattle are born, raised and processed in the USA from American cattle farmers.