The Rise of Raise

The Rise of Raise

Our cave dwelling ancestors had it right. They loved red meat so much, they’d paint pictures of it on their cavey walls to show their devotion. They were the original beef eaters. The O.G. Beef Eaters. And they’re us.

If you’re on this site then you know, we didn’t evolve because of broccoli rabe and garlic. Because of spinach and kale smoothies. Because of eggplant panini. Beef made us. Beef raised us. Beef is our birthright.

But we’ve evolved even more, and so have our tastes and so have your needs. You want only the good stuff. You want organic. You want grass-fed. You want pasture raised. You want homegrown and healthy. You want the most phenomenal beef sourced from the most phenomenal cattle — cattle raised by America’s most phamtastic farmers, on America’s most phamtastic lands and that is Raise American!

How we’re raising the bar

We learned a lesson from Mom and Pop, and it’s this: If you want something done right, you do it yourself. So that’s exactly what we went out and did. We created Raise American, where we’ve raised the bar so high on beef, we can’t even see the bar anymore. It’s floating somewhere up in the stratosphere. But back here on the ground, you can be sure Raise American is supplying you with the real deal: 100% organic. 100% grass-fed. 100% American. 100% friendly to our planet. We’ve have literally and figuratively raised the steaks!

How we’re raising the bar
  • 100% grass-fed

    100% grass-fed

  • hormones or antibiotics

    No added hormones or antibiotics

  • Non-GMO


  • 100% American beef

    100% American beef

The Raise Way

We have years — and by years, we mean ass-kicking decades — of down to the bones experience in the beef business. We’re not just some guys brokering beef off a laptop from a windowless office in an industrial park. Those guys are out there, but we’re not them. We’re the guys who oversee the operation like a Type-A soccer mom, or a hovering helicopter parent. That’s us, but with our cattle.

industrial park
cattle raised on posture

A Raise American Cow

America is a big and beautiful country, with an even bigger love for beef. So we have assembled the largest community of certified organic cattle ranchers in the United States, most of whom contract exclusively with us. Their ranches are all across the country — Minnesota, Colorado, Oregon, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Texas, to name a few. We probably have a ranch near you.

We have true partnerships with our ranchers, and we are deeply involved in the standards used in raising and sourcing cattle. This gives us intense oversight over ALL of our grass-fed cattle. We manage what they eat, we manage their health, we manage their environment, and we manage the way they are transported. We have direct knowledge of every single cow, from calf to process. We know exactly where the beef has been, right down to the pasture the cow was born on. Hell, we could probably give you a birth certificate and an astrological chart to go with it! But seriously, we can track ground beef directly back to the herd it came from. We can track the steak back to the cow. This can’t be said of all beef brands, but it can be said of ours. We work this way because it truly matters where your beef comes from.

Raise American is encouraging all organic beef ranchers toward regenerative farming. What is that? Think of Regenerative as Sustainable Farming 2.0. In 2021, organic ranchers cannot just try to maintain the status quo, which is pretty much what sustainability is. Instead, regenerative REVIVES the soil, REPLENISHES the land, and REMOVES greenhouse gases.