Where do your products come from?

All Raise American Grass-Fed Organic Beef products are raised, harvested and packaged in the USA. We partner with US Organic Farmers that follow the same love and passion for animal welfare. If you have any additional questions about our products, email us at info@raiseamerican.com.

What are the best methods for thawing my products?

For the best results, we recommend thawing in the refrigerator overnight prior to cooking. You can thaw meats in their packaging. For quick thawing, place vacuum sealed products in cold water for 30 to 45 minutes. We do not recommend using a microwave to thaw products because it will lose more natural juices; resulting in a final product that may be drier and less tender. Thaw foods in the microwave only if they will be cooked immediately.

Can I use a business address or PO box for my delivery address?

We deliver to both residential and business addresses. (Please be aware that some UPS deliveries may occur after normal business hours) We are unable to deliver to PO boxes and military bases.

When will my package ship?

Orders are shipped within 5 business days of being placed. If you require any edits or cancellations, please contact our customer service department within 6 business hours of placing your order. You can reach us at myrancher@raiseamerican.com or 833-445-1573.

Once your order is picked up by UPS, you’ll receive an update with a shipping confirmation and tracking number. Your tracking number will contain UPS's estimated arrival date & time.

Where do you ship?

We only ship within the continental U.S. We cannot ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada. We can not ship to military bases.

Do you charge for shipping?

Shipping is free for orders over $150. Shipping fees are charged for orders under $100 based on your location.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Customer can contact Customer Service to cancel orders or update shipping addresses within 6 business hours of placing their order. Please reach out to myrancher@raiseamerican.com or 833-445-1573.

Can I preschedule my delivery or choose my delivery date?

We are unable to accommodate specific delivery dates or weekly postponements.

How do I recycle my box?

Your box and package insulation is 100% recyclable via curbside pickup. The Raise American bag that your products were packaged in is reusable. Just be sure not to touch the dry ice directly and let it evaporate before disposing of the box. For a quicker dry ice disposal, place your package outside, the dry ice sublimates faster when outside.

What payment types are accepted? When will my card be charged?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. You will see an authorization form on your credit card as we prepare your shipment.

My box arrived with melted dry ice, is it still safe to eat?

We advise that you check the internal temperature of all meat with a thermometer upon delivery. If your products arrive cool to the touch or below 40°, they are safe to refreeze or cook immediately.

How long do my products last in the fridge once thawed?

Raise American meat products last up to 12 months in the freezer. Once thawed, our meat products last 5 to 7 days in the refrigerator.

Why does my order no longer contain an insulated tote?

Your first order from Raise American will contain a complimentary reusable tote. Your following order may not contain the tote bag. Our goal is to constantly strive toward a more sustainable product, both from the sources and from our packaging. Through research we have been able to streamline our packaging to be as insulated as possible, reducing the need for an additional tote, while still keeping your food safe.



If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to myrancher@raiseamerican.com or 833-445-1573
Our business hours are Monday - Friday 9am Central - 5pm Central.