National Cheeseburger Day 2019

With September 18th being National Cheeseburger Day, Raise America has organized Thrillist’s list of the 31 Best Burger Joints in the United States of America by region. No matter where you are in the country, celebrate National Cheeseburger Day at one of these incredible American burger spots.


    • Bill’s Hamburgers (Los Angeles California): Classic, simple west coast cheeseburgers
    • Bless Your Heart Burgers (Portland Oregon): Buttery flavored bistro cheeseburgers taken to the max, served with chili, coleslaw and house-made pickles
    • Cherry Cricket (Denver Colorado): Dive joint half-pound cheeseburgers with 33 different variations of toppings
    • HiHo Cheeseburger (Santa Monica California): 100% grass fed wagyu beef patties with a west coast beach inspired flair
    • Loretta’s Northwesterner (Seattle Washington): Standard cheeseburger with a not so standard char and special sauce
    • Pie’n Burger (Pasadena California): Classic West Coast American cheeseburger with onion, tomato, pickle and lettuce


    • BurgerFuel (Indianapolis Indiana): Out-of-the-box grass fed cheeseburgers with wacky ingredients like grated beetroots and chia seeds
    • Kopp’s Frozen Custard (Milwaukee Wisconsin): Perfect little dinner style double cheeseburgers with tons of flavor
    • Miller’s Bar (Dearborn Michigan): Medium beef cheeseburger with gooey Velveeta cheese and crisp white onions
    • Nation (Cincinnati Ohio): Brisket beef patty with smoked cheddar cheese, horseradish aioli, chopped crispy onion strings and a challah bun
    • Small Cheval (Chicago Illinois): Addictive thin cheeseburgers that are perfectly cooked and seasoned
    • Town Topic (Kansas City Missouri): Classic American cheeseburger that has not changed since 1937
    • Triple XXX (Lafayette Indiana): Sirloin cheeseburgers with options that include peanut butter and Miracle Whip


    • Petey’s Burger (Queens New York): Thin patty cheeseburger bringing the California taste to the East Coast
    • Sketch Burger (Philadelphia Pennsylvania): Thick cheeseburgers than come in many different flavor profiles
    • White Hut (Springfield Massachusetts): Small slider-esque cheeseburgers with tons of onion flavor
    • White Manna (Hackensack New Jersey): Retro cheeseburgers with gooey cheese, potato buns and grilled onions that are straight out of 1946


    • Brook’s Sandwich House (Charlotte North Carolina): Juiciest grab’n’go cheeseburger you can find in Carolina
    • Chris Madrid’s (San Antonio Texas): “Macho-sized” cheese burgers that do not follow the rules of the bun
    • The Company Burger (New Orleans Louisiana): Thin patty cheese burgers with house made pickles, onions and American cheese
    • Fred’s Meat & Bread (Atlanta Georgia): “Burger stack” cheese burger with beef patties nestled between cheese and bread and butter pickles
    • Gabby’s Burger & Fries (Nashville Tennessee): Double patty double cheese cheese burger delight (and a hidden menu if you ask)
    • Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill (Fort Lauderdale Florida): Certified Angus beef patty burgers with blue cheese crumble
    • Grill Marks (Greenville South Carolina): Certified chopped Angus patties with french inspired toppings
    • Grind Burger Kitchen (Louisville Kentucky): Brie and bacon cheeseburgers made of house ground grass fed beef
    • Hubcap Grill (Houston Texas): Larger than life cheeseburgers with over-sized toppings
    • Keller’s Drive-In (Dallas Texas): Classic drive-in cheeseburgers straight out of the 50s
    • Nic’s Grill (Oklahoma City Oklahoma): Onion cheese burger that is sure to be a dream come true for any onion lover
    • Ray’s Hell Burger (Arlington Virginia): House ground beef cheeseburger with off the cuff toppings like bone marrow
    • The Stand (Phoenix Arizona): House ground beef that pairs perfectly with the secret “The Stand Sauce”
    • Tookie’s Burgers & More (Seabrook Texas): Smashed char burgers that come in many different variations, including bacon infused patties

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