Meet the Team



Jana Kiever

Director Sales Operation

Jana is born and “Raised” in Nebraska, the Beef State. “I have been mothering this company for eight years and loved every minute of it. I do know a bit about everything regarding organic beef. If you don’t know where to start, call me! I believe there’s nothing better than our Organic Beef Filet Mignon.”

Heather Gilmore

VP, Retail Sales

Heather has been in the sustainable beef industry for over 10 years. While she did not grow up on a farm, she cannot imagine doing anything else. “My two young kids are the best taste testers in the business. If they give something a thumbs up, I know it will be a hit! If I won’t feed it to my family, I won’t feed it to yours! Good for you, the animal, and the planet…. That’s the goal.”

Jared Peterreins

VP, Wholesale

Jared holds a major in the organic beef industry (earned over 15 years) and a minor in outdoor sports. “There’s nothing I like better than going to work each day knowing that what we do is making a difference in the cycle of sustainability and healthy eating. If we are going to play in nature, lets protect it.”

Nick Tarpoff

VP, Livestock Management

Nick is a 4th generation beef man. “From being raised starting at 3am in the family packing plant and late nights working at the steakhouse, to now 15 years in the naturally raised meat industry. I have prepared my entire life to pick the perfect steer resulting in the highest quality beef for you.”

Nicole Light

VP Brand Manager, Raise American

Nicole has been a brand developer and technical packaging junkie for 15 years, she’s determined to wage a war on mediocrity on the shelf. “I really enjoy a great salad! I was never really into beef. Now, after being a part of Raise American Organic beef company, I just put beef on my salad. I didn’t really eat beef until I joined Raise, I think it’s a requirement.”

Doug Cooper

President, Livestock Division

Doug is a beef industry legend and animal scientist by training with over 25 years of integrated beef production experience in both the USA and across the globe. “My passion is building specialized beef programs and doing them right! For you, the farmer, and the environment.”

James Loveridge


James collects money, pays the bills, and makes sure we never run out of the green stuff. “I do not write silly bios.” His career in Food Processing began in the ConAgra Red Meats Group. Since then, he has enjoyed Mrs. Fields Cookies, gourmet chocolate, turkey and, best of all, Organic Grass Feed Beef. "As a dark chocolate lover, I crave an 8 oz tenderloin before dessert."

Marc Broccoli (Yes, that’s my last name)

COO, Raise American, CEO ORB

Marc is a food scientist with over 20 years of meat management experience and a D1 Athlete on the meat judging team at the University of Georgia. “My favorite dish is a bourbon and a ribeye with a small portion of sweet potatoes and, of course, broccoli.”

Scott Lively

President & Board Member, Raise American

Scott has been a pioneer in the American Organic Beef industry for over 15 years. Prior to this life, he had a technology background in supply chain management. “In the last decade I have developed a passion for great food raised naturally. The only thing I enjoy more than red wine is a perfect striploin covered in onions.”